7 of My Favorite Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies

Amazing and nostalgic Halloween movies to get you in the spooky spirit. 

Halloween is my favorite holiday! That’s probably for 2 reasons. I love any excuse to dress up in costume. Give me a theme and I will run with it. My husband and I once hosted a Jurassic Park movie night at our house with smoke machines, tiki torches, dinosaur masks, and an ambient rainforest playlist. My point is, it’s fun to go all out!

The second reason is that Fall is my favorite season. Shopping for school supplies, there’s a chill in the air, boots and sweaters, football season, apple picking, pumpkin patches, pumpkin flavored everything – I could go on and on. 

I should also point out, I really don’t like horror movies. I’m such a wimp. I admit it. I can trace it all back to watching the movie It at a sleepover when I was 10 years old. I had nightmares for the next year. I was honestly scared of the dark and taking a shower. No, I did not go see the reboot that recently came out and never will. Hard pass, no thank you. 

So if you’re looking for serial killers or demonic clowns, this is not your list. If you want to feel festive and nostalgic, you’re in the right place. 


Hocus Pocus
A cult classic for all children of the 90s. Back in the day, the Disney Channel would play this movie back to back in the month of October, or at least if felt like that. I’m not sure why there’s been sure a resurgence of love for this movie in the past few years, but I’m down. It’s silly and fun. Bette Midler said it was the most fun she had playing a character. Btw, I just scored a 19 out of 20 on the Hocus Pocus trivia quiz


Tim Burton has a weird and wonderful mind. This is another one I grew up on. Nostalgia is powerful, y’all. The 1980s design and styling adds to the fun. The dinner lipsync scene when they are possessed and dance to “Day-O” is pretty great. 


The Craft
This was a go-to at our sleepovers in middle school. Four outcast girls in high school become witches and things get cray. It’s dark, moody and very 90s. I can’t believe this movie is 20 years old.
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Nightmare Before Christmas
Another Tim Burton masterpiece. My family took a 14 hour road trip to Florida when I was young. This movie had just come out and we played the soundtrack the entire way. My poor parents. I still know every word to every song in the movie. On a technical note, it blows my mind that stop-motion animation exists. The movie took over 3 years to make. Each minute took one week of filming. Talk about patience!
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You can’t go wrong with the original movies from the 1980s, but I’m going to watch the female casted reboot with Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon. Funny and badass chicks busting ghosts!


Harry Potter
Pick any of the eight Harry Potter movies and you’ll be doing just fine. I never read the books, but have really enjoyed the movies. I watched movies 6 and 7 (part 1 and 2) last week. Still had legit tears when Dobby the house elf dies. Whoops, spoiler!


Cabin in the Woods
The goriest movie on the list and most “adult”. This movie is a campy spoof on the horror movie cliches. My husband has watched it about 100 times, so it’s grown on me. Any horror movie that manages to fit in a unicorn and a merman is pretty amazing. Did I mention Chris Hemsworth is one of the leads, just saying.