Hello, Siege Media!

I’m excited to apply for your Graphic Designer position! It's like the job description was written just for me. Here's why… 


As a senior designer, I have experience in all the areas you’re looking for. You need someone that's creative, motivated, curious, and personable – that's me. And that's the kind of people I want to work with too.

I’ve had several “design lives” that have all added to my unique skill set. I’ve worked at design agencies, been an in-house designer for a corporation, freelanced for companies like TiVo, and interned at Cosmopolitan magazine. I also started my own company creating bridal stationery and letterpress products in 2012. I’m looking to make a change and know that I can apply my skills and knowledge to benefit Siege Media and your clients. 

I have extensive experience in concept development, branding, production, and illustration. Bringing an idea all the way through design and production to the finished product is so rewarding. I’m a focused self-starter who always meets deadlines and am passionate about my work. I enjoy working with others and know that communication is crucial. I take direction well and can apply feedback quickly.

Why I’m Interested in This Job

I love creating the visuals that bring content to life. I know the importance of SEO for every business. I’m really inspired by the work you guys are creating. You’re making an impact for your clients in a oversaturated digital world. It’s clear that Siege Media has the formula figured out for utilizing beautiful infographics and animations.

Bottom line. I want to enjoy what I do, create work I’m proud of and collaborate with good people. I know I can do that at Siege Media.

If you give me the opportunity to speak with you, I can tell you more about why I'm such a good fit for this position and to be the next member of the Siege Media family. 

I appreciate your time and hope to hear from you soon. Let’s talk!


Brynne Meyer

An Example that Matches the Requirements of This Position

Freelance project for CBD education site:

  • Establish project expectations and timeline

  • Market research

  • Decide brand personality and tone

  • Create brand mascot/character

  • Create infographics and illustrations for content

  • Make revisions based on feedback from team

  • Create library of assets


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My Unique Advantages:

  • I'm a self taught letterpress printer. I restored my vintage Heidelberg press that weighs over 3,000 lbs. I lovingly call it “The Beast”. See photos here

  • I’ve worked remotely from my home office for 7 years. I've become an excellent communicator, efficient multi-tasker and know how to get the job done or J.F.D.I.

  • My family. Talk about motivation. I want my two young daughters to see their Mom enjoying her work, being driven, continually learning and improving.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I was born in New Jersey, grew up in Louisiana, lived in San Diego for 8 years, and just moved to Texas. 

  • I love any kind of dress-up theme party, singing duets with my husband (we both sound absolutely terrible), and painting with my toddler.

  • I was named after an actress in the 80s that was on the TV soap, One Life to LiveReal classy. 

  • To me, my cup is always half full and I think my attitude is one of my most valuable strengths.

Contact: email brynne@harkenpress.com phone 225-603-8958