Hello, Workman Publishing!

I’m excited to apply for your Senior Graphic Designer position! It's like the job description was written just for me. Here's why… 


As an experienced designer (12 years now), I’d love to be a part of your Calendars and Stationery Team to create quality products that connect with people. I have experience in all three areas – design, publishing and products – that's where I live. You need someone that's curious, open and positive, that's me. And that's the kind of people I want to work with too.

I'm a paper enthusiast, especially stationery. I started making letterpress greeting cards and invitations in 2012 and am always aware of the latest stationery industry trends. That’s why I’m confident I'd be a great addition to the Workman team and exceed your expectations. 

Peter Workman's speech from 2010 about his life's work is not only inspiring, but relatable and refreshing. Following your gut, knowing your strengths, staying curious, and respecting the reader – yes and yes. A company founded on those values and attitude, I want in! His words are very similar to how I feel about my work. Whether that's organizing complicated information or bringing a smile to someone's face with a witty greeting card, I want my work to be helpful to people. 

I have extensive experience in design, production, concept development, and illustration. Bringing an idea all the way through design and production to the finished product is so rewarding. I’m a focused self-starter who always meets deadlines and am passionate about my work. I enjoy working with others and know that communication is crucial. I take direction well and can apply feedback quickly.

As you’ll see in my portfolio below, I have worked for a variety of companies, large and small, and started my own company, Harken Press, creating bridal stationery and letterpress products. I’m looking to make a change and know that I can apply my skills and knowledge to benefit Workman Publishing and the products you create. 

If you give me the opportunity to speak with you, I can tell you more about why I'm such a good fit for this position and to be the next member of the Workman Publishing family. 

I appreciate your time and hope to hear from you soon. 

Brynne Meyer

My Favorite Paper Object 

When I was in middle school, I loved magazines and scrapbooking. I didn't know what a Graphic Designer was at the time, but I wanted to grow up and be the person who decides where things go on the page. Years later, my first real world work experience was interning at Cosmopolitan magazine in NYC. As a twenty-one year old, this was my dream! By the end of the summer, I had worked my way up to Art Assistant with my name printed in the masthead. Looking at my name printed in the  largest selling women's fashion magazine was huge. I'm still proud just looking at it. They offered me a job when the internship was completed, but since I had one year left before graduating college, I declined. I have the magazine cover and masthead framed in my office to remind me of where I started, how far I've come, and that anything's possible.


My Unique Advantages:

  • My love of paper guided me to become a letterpress printer. I'm self taught and restored my vintage Heidelberg press that weighs over 3,000 lbs. I lovingly call it “The Beast”. See photos here

  • I’ve worked remotely from my home office for 6 years. Since all my work is digital, it's never been a problem. I've become an excellent communicator, efficient multi-tasker and know how to get the job done.

  • My family. I want my two young daughters to see their Mom enjoying her work, being driven, continually learning and improving.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I've moved around. I was born in New Jersey, grew up in Louisiana, lived in California for 8 years, and just moved to Texas. 

  • I love any kind of dress-up theme party, singing duets with my husband (we both sound absolutely terrible), and painting with my toddler.

  • I was named after an actress in the 80s that was on the TV soap, One Life to LiveReal classy. 

  • I read this job listing and immediately told my husband that I found my new job!